Right paint color can turn everyday rooms into extraordinary spaces. The Virtual Room Designer will help your customers explore your color palettes, and plan and coordinate colors for their projects in order to make informed visual decisions.

The Virtual Room Designer software supports all types and colors of paint for both interior and exterior applications. You may use your own paint color palettes or use from hundreds of samples from our library. Your customers will be able to paint any surface (such as walls or ceiling) using your paint with a click of a button. There is no better way to visualize a certain color other than actually painting the room in that color!


Our state-of-the-art technology allows recreating highly realistic virtual environments in which customers can select and try your paint colors in any setting (both interior and exterior).


The software supports coloring ceilings or any other vertical, horizontal or angled surface.

Faux Finishes 

Our Virtual Room Viewer is capable of rendering faux finishes (such as color-washing, combing, crackle, ragging, sponging, etc.) for inspirational looks.


The Virtual Room Viewer also supports woods stains. Wood stains can be applied in the virtual environment to any wood surface and will look rich and exquisite.

Interior & Exterior Applications

Using our Virtual Room Viewer your customers can visualize your paint colors in any setting – interior or exterior.