Our Virtual Room Designer is capable of rendering stunningly realistic flooring for any room of any configuration and at any angle or perspective.  It does it in real-time from a small swatch/tile or plank by utilizing our patent-pending rendering technology.

The Virtual Room Designer software supports all types and grades of flooring – both in residential and commercial applications. You may use your own images or use from hundreds of samples from our library.  Some of the sample flooring that our software supports is Hardwood, Laminate, Engineered Wood, Carpet, Tile, Ceramic, Stone, Linoleum and Vinyl.

Hardwood Flooring

From Parquet to Wide Plank, Oak to Walnut, our Virtual Room Designer supports all types, styles and colors of hardwood flooring.  Showcase the prestigious look of your hardwood flooring in various settings.

Laminate & Engineered Wood

All grades, style and colors of laminate and engineered wood will look stunningly realistic in our Virtual Room Designer. Beauty and strength of Laminate and Engineered Wood flooring can be demonstrated by showcasing various residential and commercial applications.


Virtual Room Designer is an ideal tool to showcase carpets of any texture, color, pattern, twist, friezes, loops, etc.  From Berbers to Wool, inspire your customers by letting them choose from your selection of carpet flooring. The software also supports area rugs of any shape, style and color.

Tile & Ceramic Flooring

Tile of any type, color and size will look beautiful and realistic in our Virtual Room Designer.   Allow your customers to choose from your product line: Porcelain or Ceramic, Glass or Glazed Porcelain, all tile products will shine in any setting or application. The software also fully supports wall tile, bath and shower lines, mosaics, fusion systems and accents.

Stone Flooring

From Granite and Marble, to Slate and Sandstone, you cannot beat the exquisite and elegant look of natural stone. Our Virtual Room Designer makes it look so realistic, your customers will think they are looking at real photographs!

Linoleum & Vinyl Flooring

Using the Virtual Room Designer, you can showcase any style and color of linoleum or vinyl flooring that will look exceptionally nice in any setting.

Moldings & Trim

Molding and Trim are very important for achieving the “finished” flooring look.  Our Virtual Room Designer supports all kinds and types of moldings, from Wall Base and Shoe Moldings, to Transition and Step Nosing.  Your customers can now find the perfect combination of style, color and finish to compliment their floor.